Sunday, July 17, 2011

August/September Challenge Theme Announced

The votes were cast and the victor decided.  Amber of CuriouslySappy is the winner of the June/July Kansas Etsy Team challenge.  Her entry was "Amber Waves of Grain Sterling Silver Wrap Necklace".  It's a beautiful interpretation of the challenge theme which was Amber Waves of Grain.

Amber's reward for winning the current challenge is the privilege of choosing the theme for the next one.  She has selected "Crafting for a Cause".  She asks that each member wishing to participate in the challenge chooses a cause  he or she feels deeply about and creates an item that speaks to that cause.  If desired, the member may donate all or a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the item to the cause it promotes.  There is no restriction on which cause or charity a member may choose.  Suggestions are the recent tornado victims, one's local animal shelter, cancer awareness, domestic abuse, homelessness, environmental awareness, just to name a few possibilities.

Members may start working on this challenge now and have until midnight Etsy time on September 5 to list their entries.  Good luck and good creating!